Real estate Purchase and Sale

Real estate Purchase and Sale

  • Do you want to sell your property in Croatia?

We have a local and international network that we will be happy to make available to you on request. 

  • Are you looking for a property in Croatia?

 Upon request, we will make our professional network available to you, which covers the whole of Croatia.

Why is Croatia interesting for real estate investments?

Croatia is emerging as an attractive place for real estate investment.

Over the last decade, foreign investors have pumped more than 33 billion euros in indirect investments into the country, making Croatia one of the most desirable destinations in tourism, finance and energy.

There is a high demand for second homes and upscale residential areas. 

The housing market has had notable success stories in this sector. Most of the investors are foreign developers, which shows that Croatia is an international market that offers opportunities for everyone. 

Demand is shifting from low-cost alternatives to higher-quality segments and locations. Dubrovnik Business Travel sees a lot of potential in the premium segment.

Our experienced network of real estate agents also includes Vesna Ackar, who has many years of experience in Croatia and Germany in the real estate sector. 



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